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The European Sleep Works Natural Bedding System

Bedding’s contribution to the sleep environment

At European Sleep Works, we look at every factor that can aid or impede sleep. We discovered that the most important elements that affect sleep quality — and your general well-being — are breathing and climate. Optimal sleep is only achieved when you breathe well and maintain a stable body temperature all night. Natural, breathable bedding can help you attain deeper sleep by increasing deeper breathing, reducing potential allergens and stabilizing your temperature. Our natural bedding line is designed to help you to create a clean and healthy sleep environment.

The Oxygen Mattress Pad provides breathable, comfortable protection for your mattress. Made of organic stretch cotton knit to reduce surface pressure, it is also fully machine washable for cleanliness.

Odeja Wool-Filled Comforters and Pillows are made of natural cotton covers filled with merino wool. Wool is the most breathable natural fiber, holding up to 30% of its weight in moisture. This allows perspiration to evaporate, keeping you cool and dry. A drier environment means fewer dust mites — and a more stable body temperature.

Natura-Pura Organic Bedding includes sheet sets, duvet covers, blankets, and pillowcases — all made of 100% organic, long-staple cotton free from chemicals. Fully eco-certified, Natura Pura bedding is available in a range of earth tones in coordinating solids and patterns for natural beauty.